Moby Zam

“It’s a dream of every girl -Her wedding gown. I went to D’aisle 2 months prior to my wedding. Twinkle and her entire team was very welcoming, loving and kind. I got an entirely customised gown. to be frank it was like a dream come true when I saw my wedding gown and I still remember the never ending wide smile on my face after the trial. Twinkle been so supportive and cooperative and was there throughout giving me updates since I was in Banglore. Kept troubling her innumerable times and she was there every single time very patiently and politely to give me confidence and make me feel comfortable. …Just loved the hospitality and so glad to have found the place. Thank you D’aisle for this amazing gift. Loved the experience.
Thank you Twinkle” –
Moby Zam

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